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HS3 09/24/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview:  AV-6 Science Flight #10 is planned for 0730 on Saturday with a 25 hour duration. It will follow the same track as flight #9 and will drop 62 sondes.


GH Crew - seeing double

HS3 09/23/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview:  AV-6 Science Flight #9 returned to Wallops this morning after a 24.5 hour flight.


HS3 Mission Time-lapse Video Highlights Storms

NASA released a time-lapse video that highlights three different cameras aboard NASA's remotely piloted Global Hawk aircraft No. 872 as it investigated two tropical systems in the Atlantic Ocean in early September 2014.

NASA HS3 Instrument Views 2 Dimensions of Clouds

NASA’s Cloud Physics Lidar instrument is studying the changing profile of the atmosphere to learn more about how hurricanes form and strengthen.

AV-6 off in the distance

HS3 09/22/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview:  AV-6 Science Flight #9 is currently flying and is scheduled to land at 0730 EDT tomorrow.


HS3 09/21/14 Mission Daily Schedule

Overview:  AV-6 Science Flight #9 is scheduled to takeoff at 0700 tomorrow for a planned 25-hr flight.


View from chase aircraft


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