TitleAcronymContact PersonAircraftTypeMeasurementsMeasurement RangeMeasurement Instrument PointingMeasurement FrequencyMeasurement Swath WidthMeasurement Horizontal ResolutionMeasurement Vertical ResolutionMeasurement WavelengthsMeasurement Notes
Airborne Scanning Microwave Limb SounderA-SMLSNathaniel Livesey (PI)WB-57 - JSC (no longer fits), ER-2 - AFRCLimb SounderH2O, O3, CO, primary, also: HNO3, CH2O, N2O, HCN, CH3CN, CH3OH, SO2, HDO, H2O2, NO2, CH3Cl, (CH3)2CO, depending on instrument tuning and atmospheric loading.
Vertical profile
Limb scanning
2000 m
Chemical Ionization Mass SpectrometerCIT-CIMSPaul Wennberg (PI)C-130H - WFF, DC-8 - AFRC, ER-2 - AFRCCIMSHNO3, H2O2, CH3OOH, HCN, PAA, PNA, SO2
In situ
10 Hz
JPL Mark IV Balloon InterferometerMkIVGeoffrey Toon (PI)Balloon, DC-8 - AFRCInterferometerH2O, O3, N2O, CO, CH4, NO, NO2, HNO3, HNO4, N2O5, H2O2, ClONO2, HOCl, HCl, HF, COF2, CF4, SF6, CF2ClCFCl2, CHF2Cl, CF2Cl2, CFCl3, CCl4, CH3Cl, C2H2, C2H6, OCS, HCN, N2, O2, CO2
PeroxyAcetylNitrate, Aldehydes and KetonesPANAKHanwant Singh (PI)DC-8 - AFRCGas chromatographyPPN, PAN, MEK, IPN, HCN, CH3OH, CH3NO3, CH3CN, CH3CHO, CH3CH2CHO, C2H5OH, C2H5NO3, C2Cl4, (CH3)2CO
In situ