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Picarro G1301-c Methane/Carbon Dioxide Analyzer (Picarro)


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The Picarro CO2/CH4 Flight Analyzer is a real time, trace gas monitor capable of measuring these gases with parts-per-billion (ppbv) sensitivity onboard aircraft with varying cabin pressure and environmental conditions. The analyzer is based on Wavelength-Scanned Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (WS-CRDS), a time-based measurement utilizing a near-infrared laser to measure a spectral signature of the molecule. Gas is circulated in an optical measurement cavity with an effective path length of up to 20 kilometers. A patented, high-precision wavelength monitor makes certain that only the spectral feature of interest is being monitored, greatly reducing the analyzer’s sensitivity to interfering gas species, and enabling ultra-trace gas concentration measurements even if there are other gases present. As a result, the analyzer maintains high linearity, precision, and accuracy over changing environmental conditions with minimal calibration required.

Instrument Type: 
Gulfstream V - NSF
Point(s) of Contact: 
Frank Flocke (POC; PI), David Rogers (PI)