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Modular Aerial Sensing System (MASS)


Operated By: 

MASS sensor and acquisition packages which can be customized for different payload configurations.

The MASS as installed on the downward-looking viewports along the fuselage of the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Gulfstream V (GV).

The Modular Aerial Sensing System (MASS) is a compact airborne sensor package of optical remote sensing instrumentation that is coupled to a tactical grade inertial navigation system. The system includes a waveform scanning lidar; visible, infrared, and hyperspectral imaging systems; and an infrared pyrometer.

Instrument Type: 
Twin Otter International, Partenavia P68C (Aspen Helicopter), Gulfstream V - JSC
S-MODE (Twin Otter International); SWOT (Gulfstream V - JSC); AirSWOT (Partenavia P68C (Aspen Helicopter))
Point(s) of Contact: 
Luc Lenain (POC; PI)