HU-25A Guardian - LaRC

NASA Langley Dassault HU-25A Guardian

The Dassault HU-25C Guardian is a modified twin-engine business jet, based on the civilian Dassault FA-20G Falcon. The aircraft was previously used by the U.S. Coast Guard as a search-and-rescue platform. NASA acquired this aircraft in 2011 to provide a medium altitude, medium range platform for remote sensing instruments and satellite support. Payload accommodations include a nadir camera port, large search windows on each side of the fuselage, a hard point with pylon under each wing, provisions for mounting atmospheric sampling probes on the crown of the fuselage, and a nadir drop hatch (32 in. long x 19.7 in. wide).

NASA Langley Research Center
Fixed-wing dual jet engine
Useful Payload: 
3,000 lbs
Gross Take-off Weight: 
32,000 lbs
Max Altitude: 
Air Speed: 
430 knots
2,075 Nmi
350 amps DC, 47 amps AC
Point(s) of Contact: 

Bruce Fisher

Work: (757) 864-3862