This is an instrument team page, for managing the members of the SPEC instrument team. Members of the instrument team are able to edit any webpages describing their instrument(s) and are able to submit measurements made by their instrument(s) to the ESPO data archive.


This team is responsible for the instruments:

Paul LawsonPrincipal Investigator
Sarah WoodsPrincipal Investigator
Roelof BruintjesLear Flight Scientist
Mike CarrithersField Instrumentation Engineer
Ted FisherSoftware Engineer
Bruce GandrudTeam member
Colin GurganusScientist
Bill HarrisLear pilot
Darryl HugaboomLear pilot
Joseph LoRussoLear Pilot
Juan MartinezTeam member
Harry MertzLear pilot
Mo QixuScientist
Larry PickerellTeam member
Chris RodenSenior Electrical Engineer
Johan SterkTeam member
Don StoneTeam member
Dan TulenkoTeam member
Chris TurveyTeam member