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Cloud, Aerosol, and Precipitation Spectrometer (CAPS - WB57)


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The CAPS is a combination probe designed around the newest technologies and the experience gained with over 20 years of using similar probes. It meets the goals of measuring a large range of particle sizes--0.5μm to 1.55mm--with one probe, thus minimizing space, cable connections, and data systems necessary for measurement of this range. Today's technology also provides the CAPS the processing power necessary to perform at speeds up to 200m/s. An intuitive graphical user interface, the Particle Analysis and Collection System (PACS), at the host computer, provides simple but powerful control of measurement parameters, while simultaneously displaying on-the-fly size distributions and derived parameters. All data interfaces are done via line drivers meeting the RS-422 electrical specification, allowing cable lengths of up to 100 meters--an improvement over RS-232 lines capable of only 15-meter cable lengths.

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