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B-200 (UC-12B) - LARC 06/18/14

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Flight Number: 
HSRL1.1 R 1410
Payload Configuration: 
HSRL 1.1 and RSP
Nav Data Collected: 
Total Flight Time: 
3.9 hours
Flight Segments: 
Start:06/18/14 04:05 Z Finish:06/18/14 08:02 Z
Flight Time:3.9 hours
Log Number:14B008PI:Chris Hostetler
Funding Source:David Considine - NASA - SMD - ESD Modeling Analysis and Prediction
Purpose of Flight:Science
Comments:Research flight from Bermuda with HSRL 1.1 and RSP on the UC-12 for CALIPSO cal/val. Crew was Slover, Blankenship,and Hare. The objective to underfly Calipso north-to-south at 0559Z was met. Weather along the track was good at altitude until the last two minutes on the track when we entered some thick clouds. Due to a 5-min late departure, and slower ground speed than predicted outbound, we elected to enter the track 10 minutes south of the original plan. This got 50-min of track time, and hit the satellite overpass on time at the original mid-point. During the times on the line, the moonlight allowed us to recognize there were visible clouds below. A low broken deck predominated for the first 2/3 of track, and the final 1/3 had better full openings to see the ocean from FL280. We were on track at 0542Z at 3225N/5815W at the mid-point at 0559Z at 3113N/5835W and at the end point at 0627Z at 2925N/5903W. Next event, return home to KLFI on Thursday. Routing and timing to be determined tomorrow. The weather north is iffy, if it still doesn’t look good tomorrow, the team will evaluate the merits of the planned mission vs. direct routing home via KPHF port of entry. The planned mission would place us home between 7-8 PM. A replan direct home will be much earlier as it won’t be tied to a Calipso overpass.
Flight Hour Summary: 
Flight Hours Approved in SOFRS28
Total Used37.6
Total Remaining-9.6
14B008 Flight Reports
Date Flt # Purpose of Flight Duration Running Total Hours Remaining Miles Flown
06/03/14HSRL1.1 I 1401Science2226
06/05/14 - 06/06/14HSRL1.1 I 1402Science3.35.322.7
06/09/14HSRL1.1 R 1403Science2.88.119.9
06/10/14HSRL1.1 R 1404Science3.411.516.5
06/12/14HSRL1.1 R 1405Science3.615.112.9
06/12/14HSRL1.1 R 1406Science3.218.39.7
06/14/14HSRL1.1 R 1407Science3.321.66.4
06/14/14HSRL1.1 R 1408Science4.125.72.3
06/16/14HSRL1.1 R 1409Science3.629.3-1.3
06/18/14HSRL1.1 R 1410Science3.933.2-5.2
06/19/14HSRL1.1 R 1411Science4.237.4-9.4
06/19/14HSRL1.1 R 1411Ferry0.237.6-9.6

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