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Measurement of gas-phase hydroperoxides by chemical ionization mass spectrometry

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Crounse, J. D., K. A. McKinney, A. J. Kwan, and P. Wennberg (2006), Measurement of gas-phase hydroperoxides by chemical ionization mass spectrometry, Anal. Chem., 78, 6726-6732, doi:10.1021/ac0604235.

A new method for the detection of gas-phase hydroperoxides is described. The clustering chemistry of CF3O- is exploited to produce speciated measurements of several hydroperoxides with high sensitivity and fast time response. Correspondence of airborne observations made with this technique and the established HPLC method is illustrated. CF3O- appears to be a highly versatile reagent ion for measurements of both weak and strong acids in the atmosphere.

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