OIB Deployment Sites - Punta Arenas

Basic Info - Punta Arenas, Chile

Download a more complete Punta Arenas Orientation Package here:

OIB Punta Arenas Orientation Package - 2018 (updated 10/03/2018)

Calling Info:

Country code: +56

Punta Arenas local code: 61 (See above link for more detailed instructions on dialing phones in Chile).

Car Rental Information:

Each team member is responsible to arrange for car rentals if desired. Due to liability and personal financial information necessary to make the reservaitons, ESPO will not reserve rental cars for OIB members.

Local Transportation.

There are a few major rental car companies at the airport in Punta Arenas; some have downtown locations (near the port). I suggest you get the full coverage insurance!

  • Budget: 50 cars, airport location, phone 212293, downtown 202721, 24hr cell contact 09-94440715. | E-Mail
  • Alamo: Airport location, phone 710706 or 27015. | E-mail
  • Hertz: Airport location, phone 210096, 24 hr cell contact 09-91953542. | E-mail
  • Taxi: Radio Taxi Patagonia Austral, 226908 or 22930. Radio Taxi Sur Competicion, 228513 or 229804.