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Kangerlussuaq Greenland Orientation Package

Getting to Kangerlussuaq

Typical flight cost via Copenhagen, Denmark:

  • BWI to CPH - $387 and up (one way)
  • CPH to SFJ - 2339.00kr or $459.52 (one way)

The flight frequency during summer months is at least nine times per week and during winter months at least five times per week. This may, however, be subject to change.

Estimated Price Details (CPH - SFJ)

Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq (Economy Restrictive Fare)

1 Adult: 2,190.00
Taxes/Fees: 149.00
EU handicap fee: 6.00
Airport departure fee: 68.00
Sales handling charge: 75.00
Total price: 2,339.00 (Currency Converter) All amounts shown are in Danish kroner DKK.

Lodging Accomodations:

Hotel Kangerlussuaq

Other Lodging:

Kangerlussuaq International Science Support (KISS)

KISS Manager
P.O. Box 109
DK - 3910 Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
Tel. +299 524533
Email: sciencesupport@mit.gl