This is an instrument team page, for managing the members of the LARGE instrument team. Members of the instrument team are able to edit any webpages describing their instrument(s) and are able to submit measurements made by their instrument(s) to the ESPO data archive.


This team is responsible for the instruments:

Luke D. ZiembaPrincipal Investigator
Matthew BrownCo-Investigator
Ewan CrosbieCo-Investigator
Francesca GalloCo-Investigator
Richard MooreCo-Investigator
Sayantee RoyCo-Investigator
Taylor ShinglerCo-Investigator
Lee ThornhillCo-Investigator
Liz WigginsCo-Investigator
Edward L. WinsteadInstrument Manager
Claire RobinsonInstrument Specialist
Michael ShookData Manager