IMPACTS 03/01/23 Mission Daily Schedule

Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful and successful field campaign 2023! As we pack up our equipment and head home, instructions and announcements will follow separately from Dobbins and Wallops.
Lynn, John, Gerry, and I will follow up with the next steps, science team meetings, data workshops, etc. stay tuned!
Have a safe trip back home!
Plan of the Day for Wednesday, March 1st
Final science flight project totals: ER-2 (12), P-3 (13), and 10 coordinated flights.
All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) 
Wednesday 1 March: No Fly, Work Day
0700 - 1300: Aircraft access and power for instrument teams
Thursday, 2 March: ER-2 Transit 
Takeoff no earlier than 0700
Wednesday, 1 March, and on
For instrument teams downloading and packing equipment, aircraft support will be available daily (weekdays) from 8:30 to 1600. Please contact Kelly Griffin and/or ESPO if you have any special requests.
General announcements
REMINDER: Foreign Nationals must be escorted when accessing WFF after hours and on national holidays (hours outside 0600 – 1800). Coordinate with Kelly or ESPO if you need an escort.
Current health guidelines call for:
Wallops – No regulations
Dobbins – No regulations
Project Swag:
Field catalog with the tentative weekly schedule:
Project picture gallery (please contribute by uploading your project pictures).