CAMP2Ex STM 2020 - Virtual

2020 CAMP2Ex Virtual Science Team Meeting

Nov 4-6, 2020 (Wed-Fri) 
         California1230 /  D.C. 1530 / PI 0430 

Agenda: see email from Jeff

Password have been sent out via email calendar invites.

Webex Meetings 
  Day 1: Session # 126 063 9370
  Day 2: Session # 126 208 3916
  Day 3: Session # 126 803 3897
  Or go to and enter session number.

We will be using a Webex product called Training.  It is a bit different from the regular Meeting product we often use.  Please watch this video for tips on how to use the Webex Training product.  Once powerpoint movie appears , click Play in the middle of the slide to start the narration.

Attendee Information:

How to connect Audio
Option 1. (Preferred Option) Call Using Computer  This is at no cost to you.

Option 2.   Select Call Me This is at no cost to you.

Enter your phone number and WebEx will call you.  This is at no cost to you unless you are charged for incoming minutes. If you connect via your computer audio then mute either your computer or your phone to eliminate feedback.

Option 3.   Select I Will Call In (International participants will incur phone charges)

  1. Sign into WebEx, select “I Will Call In”.  Scroll down for phone number and note the Attendee ID.  
  2. Dial and enter the meeting number then your Attendee number. Your attendee number associates your audio with your computer session name. If you connect via your computer audio then mute either your computer or your phone to eliminate feedback.
When joining the meeting, you will be unmuted.  Please mute yourself unless speaking.  
How to ask a question during the workshop - Raise your hand or chat a question.

During a presentation in the main meeting room or in the breakout rooms, please:

  1. Move your cursor to the top of the screen for the floating icon panel.
  2. Click on Participant and Chat icons to float those panels.  In the breakout room, click on Breakout icon to leave the room.
  • Raise/Lower your hand: On the Participants Panel there is a hand icon near the bottom.  You can click the hand to toggle raising or lowering your hand.  When you Raise your Hand, the moderator will see your name and if there is time you will be called on.
  • Mute/Unmute:  will be able to mute and unmute yourself.  Note: If there is too much background noise, you may be muted and you will only be able to raise your hand to be called on by the moderator and unmuted by the host.
  • Chat: You can click on Chat to float the Chat Panel.  Please chat to All Participants. If you chat to just the Host or Panelists, your question may be missed. 

To reduce audio lag, please avoid turning on video unless you are presenting.  You may also close extra applications to provide more memory to your computer.

Presenter Information:
Presenters: provide your presentation by 5pm PDT Tuesday, November 3rd as a backup. Email to or put on CAMP2Ex google drive 

Our preference is for you to share your screen in WebEx during your presentation if duration is 10+ minutes, particulary if you want to use your cursor to point to details. Otherwise, it is best if short presentations are bundled and presented either by the session moderator or by ESPO.  However, we strongly encourage everyone to provide your presentation to ESPO in case there are computer/bandwidth issues during the meeting.  ESPO can display your slides (assuming you can dial in).  See tips below.  

  • If you are using Catalina operating system on a Mac, before the meeting please go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Privacy tab and for Screen Recording, make sure Cisco Webex Training is checked.
  • If you are with NASA, Form NF-1676 has been replaced by a website called STRIVES (Scientific, Technical and Research Information discoVEry System) for the submission and approval for NASA STI (Scientific and Technical Information) ( Follow your center procedures for approval of STI.
  • We plan on posting all presentations on this website after the meeting, behind a password. Please send a version of your presentation for posting if there are slides you do not want posted.  We prefer to have Powerpoint compressed to 96 ppi (Windows) or 72 ppi (Mac) for on-screen resolution and then saved as pdf for posting.

Presenter Tips

  1. Test audio beforehand and make sure headsets/ear buds are charged.
  2. Check your microphone is enabled.  
  3. Check that your computer isn’t muted for audio output.
  4. We recommend that you turn notifications off – so previews of your emails/texts do not appear on screen for all to see if you share your Desktop.  
  5. We recommend sharing only your presentation application (Powerpoint, Keynote, or pdf), and using Slide Show/Presentation View.  
  6. Each breakout room will have a presenter who can share their slides or transfer presenter role.  See video link at the top for screenshots.